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Showcase your websites inventory in the way your customers deserve (and your salespeople too).

Mastering the Space Auto Website Platform

Welcome to your training on the Space Auto website platform, where converting more traffic and generating high-quality leads is our top priority. Let’s dive into how our platform can help you make a powerful first impression and drive dealership success.

Galleria BMW Website

Website Space: Convert More Traffic

First Impressions and Beyond

Your dealership's website is more than just a digital storefront; it's your brand's best salesperson. Dealers deserve more than cookie-cutter templates that make them look like every other competitor. That’s where Space Auto comes in.

Customization That Tells Your Story

Space Auto websites are customized to tell the unique story of each dealership. Our meticulous onboarding process ensures that your website aligns with your goals, showcasing your dealership in a way that turns potential customers into active leads. Our sites are easier to use and designed to convert more leads into deals.

Designed for Humans, Built for Conversion

Space Auto websites are crafted with attention to every detail, including speed, ergonomics, and responsive design. This ensures that your website is accessible and user-friendly on any device. The result? Websites that are easier for people to use convert more potential customers into sales.

Did You Know: We take so many things into consideration when building product for our users... it's all about an obsessive attention to detail, here's just a few:

1. The human hand is a pretty universal thing... but it's always hard to reach the top corners of the screen, that's why you'll find all the easy stuff (like conversion actions) in the "easy zone".

2. To the human brain, anything under 100ms is considered instantaneous, this is why our vehicle searches seem instant - that's something we implemented to provide true instant gratification to our users.

3. Most customers coming back to your website have been there before... this is why we keep anonymous data on all users, just in case they convert - this helps us retarget users with real ads within the website and boost conversion rate.

The Digital Walkaround: Product Presentation Made Easy

Space Auto connects your data via the cloud, ensuring that VIN-specific features, color-correct inventory photos, manufacturers' rebates, lender programs, and more are updated instantly on your website. Manage all of this from the Space Auto app, eliminating the wait for overnight inventory feeds to update vehicle pricing and images.

By making your vehicles the star of the show, we achieve a conversion rate of 4%, significantly higher than the industry average of 1.5%.


Tools for High-Quality Leads

Dealers shouldn’t have to piece their funnel together. The Space Auto website platform includes everything needed for seamless conversion. Our suite of conversion tools includes:

  • Instant trade values
  • Integrated credit applications
  • A native digital retailing portal
  • Point-and-click website builder
  • Flexible SRP modules
  • On-site marketing campaigns
    • in-inventory ads
    • SRP banner ads
    • VDP ads
    • Inventory retargeting ads
    • Toolbar ads

These tools guide customers through the funnel, providing them with multiple ways to convert. As a result, dealerships win more customers, and those customers have a better experience compared to the competition.

The Space Auto Advantage

In summary, Space Auto websites are designed to:

  • Showcase each dealership's unique story
  • Provide a user-friendly, responsive experience on all devices
  • Update instantly with the latest data and features
  • Include native powerful conversion tools that drive more leads and sales
  • Powerful "Space Builder" with point-and-click functionality for any skill level

Use this knowledge to demonstrate to dealerships how the Space Auto website platform can revolutionize their online presence and drive better results.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightning Fast Website
  • Drag and Drop Space Builder
  • Search by Payment, Features, and More
  • Instant Trade, Credit, Payments, and More
  • Specials, Campaigns, and On-Site Marketing
  • Seamless Digital Retail Connection
  • Premium US-Based Support


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