2. Retail Space

Work deals remotely, at the dealership, or however you and your customer want - with united and connected tools.

Mastering Space Auto's Retail Space

Welcome to your training on Space Auto's Retail Space, where quantity meets quality, and digital retailing is made easy. Let's explore how our digital retailing solutions can transform dealership sales, providing both dealers and customers with an unparalleled experience.

Retail Space: Quantity and Quality

The Ideal Digital Retail World

In an ideal world, dealerships would run more deals of higher quality through their funnel. With Space Auto Digital Retailing, that ideal world is a reality.

Easy Digital Retail for Customers

Remove Obstacles, Empower Decisions

Customers want to make buying decisions without being blocked. They love to buy but hate being sold to. Space Auto removes all obstacles, allowing customers to build a deal instantly. Accurate taxes, rates, trade values, and more enable them to create penny-perfect payments and schedule appointments directly in the app.

Full Control for Dealers

Seamless, Efficient Selling

Space Auto empowers dealers with full control over digital retail within the store and a direct customer connection through our digital retailing portal. Our features include:

  • Full in-app deal screen
  • Profit maximization tools
  • Tablet presentation mode
  • Target payment calculator
  • Add-ons, Taxes, and Rebates
  • Trade appraisals
  • Instant connection with DR tool

These tools allow dealers to work quickly and accurately, selling more cars without juggling multiple windows on their computer.


Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Perfect Deals, Instantly

Space Auto offers real-time lender programs to understand exactly what customers can be approved for and by whom. Our platform includes address-perfect taxes and fees, manufacturers' rebates, and all the data necessary to build penny-perfect deals from either the customer or dealer side, instantly. Our retailing portal even outputs a perfect deal jacket, ready for the finance manager.

The Space Auto Advantage

Digital Retailing as Your Top Closer

Digital retailing should be your dealership's number one closer, not a hindrance. Space Auto ensures that digital retailing works seamlessly for you, enhancing your ability to close deals quickly and efficiently.

Empowering Your Sales

Use this knowledge to show dealerships how Space Auto’s Retail Space can revolutionize their sales process, providing an easy, efficient, and effective digital retailing experience for both dealers and customers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Customer-Facing Digital Retailing
  • Real-time Payments, Taxes & Interest Rates
  • Dealer-Side Digital Desking
  • Connection with Hundreds of Lenders
  • Document Management
  • Digital Deal Folders
  • DMS Integrations
  • Automated Financial Profiles (with no hard or soft credit pull)


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