3. Our Purpose

We exist to unify automotive retail tech.

Space Auto is a thought leader. We have a passion, more than any competitor, to understand the role of technology in the daily lives of dealers and consumers alike. Not in some future-philosophical way, but in a practical way.

The core emotional benefit is for every little step of the buyer’s journey to feel delightful. Searching cars is where it starts but it is so much more than that. Connecting with a dealer who is responsive, organizing finance, entering VINs for trades, dealers having the information they need at their fingertips. These, and many other interactions, are all part of the journey between buyer and seller.



“To unify automotive dealership tech, elevating the customer experience once and for all.”

This is our Brand Purpose, the reason we exist and everything we do is in service of achieving it. We are not relics of yesteryear in the car dealership world. We eradicate bad experiences between buyer and seller.

We make it delightful. We make it easy. In the story of David and Goliath, David wins. Every. Single. Time.

Fighting Frankenstein...

Or Frankenstein's Monster, if you wanna get into semantics here.

Frank Export

For years, dealerships have been cobbling together their tech stacks from a mishmash of plugins and software that don’t play nice together. They’ve shelled out thousands of dollars to multiple vendors, each one fighting for attribution. This piecemeal approach has left them with a "Frankenstein" solution, making the car-buying process slow and cumbersome.

Dealers are left feeling:

  • Confused by vendors
  • Misled by metrics
  • Confined by technology
  • Bombarded by band-aids
  • Paralyzed in performance
  • Ultimately... falling behind as an industry


So, what do they deserve? They deserve a seamless, all-in-one website and retailing tool that solves all their problems from the get-go.

  • They deserve websites that work all the time and are flexible for the dealers needs
  • They deserve Integrated digital retailing, trades, credit approvals, and marketing tools
  • They deserve one-on-one support with success managers that can take the time to get to know them
  • They deserve for technology tasks to step out of the way... so they have the time to focus on being human again, and getting back to selling cars
  • They deserve Space Auto.

Funny Story: When our Chief Executive Officer (Nick Askew), and Chief Product Officer (Taylor Bartholomew) went mystery shopping dealerships... they had this one instance where they filled out a trade form online, then booked an appointment... you'd think "Awesome, they have my trade info... this should be smooth now"... you'd be wrong.

They then proceeded to the dealership, and was given a piece of paper to write their VIN, all their trade information on and heard from the salesperson "Sorry, that's just our online trade tool... it isn't our official trade application"... Super Fun, right?

Well... after the trade walkaround, the salesperson took the paper trade form directly to the sales manager (who probably makes in excess of $250K / year) and he HAND TYPES this information into the inventory management tool... 3 steps, one trade.

This is why it takes so long to buy a car... the process should just work...

Is that too much to ask?

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