4. Meet our CEO, and Founder

Born in true automotive retail.


Hi, I’m Nick, Founder and CEO. Before we go much further, I thought it was really important for me to share why I started Space Auto in the first place.

I started my career in automotive, holding positions in Sales, F&I and Sales Manager. This means I know the dealership and how it works (and also, sometimes, how it doesn’t). Another result of that experience was getting promoted to Digital Director for a 40-store automotive group in Texas.

I loved being in the dealership and automotive but there was one thing I didn’t love - having to use so many vendors and plug-ins that didn’t talk to each other, just to sell a car. You know the picture - needing to have 14 browser windows open at once to be able to get into a deal with a single customer. I thought that was a ridiculous problem that needed solving.

Rather than wait for someone else to solve the problem I decided I would do it. Space Auto was born with a mission to unify automotive retail tech, making buying a car a delightful experience once and for all. Based in Dallas, Texas, Space Auto is a retail, marketing software and data technology company reimagining the car buying journey from click to close. By streamlining automotive tech we make it easier for dealers and customers to work with each other. That’s why our tagline is Easy Does It - everything we do is carefully designed to reduce the friction existing technologies cause between someone who wants to buy a car and someone who wants to sell a car.

We’re small, yes, but that’s because we are new. It also means we are agile, we move fast and we can out-maneuver the dealertech Goliaths. That isn’t an overclaim, its something we are already doing. From our customer feedback it is clear to me that to be successful our main task and focus now is engaging more dealers.

That’s where you come in.I really appreciate you joining us on our journey to revolutionize dealership tech. You’ll quickly see that we have a huge amount of energy to be incredibly successful and there’s nothing that would make me happier than being able to share some of that success with you. We’re all looking forward to working with you.

best regards,

Nick Askew


Innovation comes in many forms... but in an industry that is historically known to be slow to adopt, fast to criticize, yet desperately yearning for change. The biggest piece of advice I can personally share is just this.

Always Challenge Normal.



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