5. How do our services help dealers?

We'll get into our products a little later, but for right now... we simply help in 3 specific ways of performance. Traffic. Conversion. Sales.

Your mission is to help dealerships overcome their biggest challenges by showcasing our comprehensive, full-funnel approach. Let's break down how we optimize Traffic, Conversion, and Sales to transform dealership success, so you can effectively sell these solutions.


1. Drive Traffic

Attract the Right Customers

Dealerships struggle with misaligned audiences and wasted ad spend. Explain to them how Space Auto ensures car buyers find them precisely when they need help. In today's mobile-first world, potential customers are searching for their next car with phones in hand. Highlight how our multi-touch marketing strategy replaces disconnected, ineffective ads with a cohesive plan that drives results.

Seamless Customer Journey

Point out the common fragmentation in automotive digital marketing, where different vendors handle separate aspects like search ads and inventory-specific ads. Space Auto integrates these components into a unified strategy, delivering the right messages at the right times, making their marketing more effective and impactful.

Quality Leads

Dealerships deserve better quality leads, and Space Auto’s website platform delivers. Show them how our platform includes conversion tools like instant trade values, credit applications, and a digital retailing portal. These features guide customers through the funnel, providing multiple conversion opportunities and a superior experience compared to their competition.


2. Increase Conversion

Capture Customers Efficiently

Space Auto boasts an impressive 4% conversion rate, significantly higher than the industry standard of 1.5%. Explain to dealerships how our platform employs proven conversion techniques at the right moments, making it an easy choice for boosting their conversion rates.

Extraordinary Deals, Extraordinary Experience

Emphasize how Space Auto ensures customers have an exceptional experience, whether they are searching for vehicles, payments, or trade values. Our digital tools delight customers and keep them engaged, ready to buy.


3. Maximize Sales

Seamless Deal Closing

Disconnected software can slow down the sales process. Illustrate how Space Auto’s integrated system ensures sales teams collaborate seamlessly with customers on the same deal, whether they are 10 feet away or 1000 miles away.

Continuous Customer Engagement

With Space Auto, the sales process doesn’t restart with every customer engagement. Our system treats customers as deals, not just leads, creating a smoother, faster journey to closing.

Empower Sales Teams

Space Auto leverages AI to enhance sales teams’ capabilities, allowing them to talk to more customers and close more deals. Explain how our platform ensures no customer is forgotten, improving overall business performance by providing a better experience for everyone involved.


Simplified Funnel

A Full-Funnel Approach to Success

Help dealerships understand that Space Auto’s full-funnel approach starts with optimizing the traffic to their website. We then focus on converting that traffic into leads with high-quality tools and proven techniques. Finally, we empower their sales teams to deliver exceptional customer service and close more deals. With Space Auto, dealerships can thrive in the digital world, outperforming the competition at every stage of the customer journey.

Equip yourself with this knowledge, and you'll be ready to show dealerships how Space Auto can revolutionize their business.

Key Takeaways:

Take customers from where they are...

...which is always on their phone. Most dealerships use multiple disconnected marketing messages that don’t tell those customers a single, simple story, resulting in wasted ad spend and low to no sales effectiveness.

To where you want them to be...

...and that place is within a deal as fast as possible. Too many conventional ways to convert, don’t convert. The Space Auto app offers exceptional customer service, digitally, resulting in...

  • a bad ass experience searching for vehicles or payments or trade values.
  • an average conversion rate of 4% vs industry standard of 1.5%.
  • please read line 2 again. 4% vs 1.5%.

And sell them a car they love...

…which you can do when you can talk to more customers to close more deals. Today, dealers just don’t have the tools they need to do this effectively. Enter... the Space Auto App.


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