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How to publish a blog to your website

Website Space subscribers can publish articles to their website blog by logging in to their website.



Once you are logged in you can access your blog posts from the dashboard. You will access the dashboard by default upon logging in and you can return to the dashboard at any time by visiting your home page, selecting your website name from the black menu bar at the top, and clicking dashboard.

Accessing Blog Posts or Creating New Blog Posts

  • Click on “Posts” in the menu on the left
  • Select “All Posts”
  • Hover your cursor over the title of any blog post in the list to reveal the option to “edit” that blog post.
  • Click “Add New” in the top right to create a new blog post.
  • After accessing an existing post, or creating a new one, you can modify the following information:
    • Blog Title: Enter the title of your blog
    • Text Editor: You can write blog content in the editor or paste copy from an outside source. You can insert photos directly into your blog post in the editor by clicking the “Add Media” button in the toolbar at the top of the editor.
    • Yoast SEO: Most websites will contain a Yoast SEO editor at the bottom of the page. This information will be filled out automatically, but you can enter your own SEO title, slug, or Meta Description if you would like to.
    • Categories: Optionally, you may assign Categories by selecting one or more checkboxes in the the drop down menu in the column on the right. Categories are used to divide blog posts into broad types based on their content or topics.
    • Tags: Optionally, you may assign Tags by selecting one or more checkboxes in the the drop down menu in the column on the right. Tags are used to mark sub-topics or ideas contained inside blogs and make it possible to search out blogs containing various tags.
    • Featured Image: The featured image can be uploaded in the subsection in the column on the right. This is the image which will show on the main blog page. You should crop and size images to be a consistent ratio and ideally less than 500kb.
    • Excerpt: Users can define the short text preview that is shown on the main blog page using the Excerpt section in the right column. This is optional.

Publishing, Unpublishing, or Deleting Blog Posts

  • After selecting “edit” on an existing post or clicking “Add New” you can view and edit the publication status of each blog post in the “Publish” subsection at the top right of each page.
  • Publish a new page by clicking the “Publish” button.
  • Save your progress on an unpublished page without publishing by clicking the gray “Save Draft” button.
  • You can unpublish a blog post by clicking “Edit” next to “Status: Publish” and selecting “Draft” and clicking “OK”.
  • You can permanently delete a blog post by clicking “Move to Trash”

Space Auto is here to help: Please contact your Client Advocate if you’d like to update your website menus with additional link(s) to your blog or if you’d like to customize the look and feel of your blog page and blog posts.