0. Designed to Work Together

At the end of the day... you have a human wanting to buy a car, and a human wanting to sell a car. Let's remove the noise, the excess cost, and get back to selling cars again.

Did anyone fix Frankenstein yet?

Remember our earlier discussion about the "Frankenstein" approach? Dealers have long been forced to cobble together a patchwork of disparate products and tools, each developed in isolation. This fragmented approach results in a convoluted system that ultimately complicates the car-buying process.

On average, a dealer uses:

  • DMS
  • Inventory Management System
  • Website Platform
  • Digital Retailing Tool
  • Trade Tool Plugin
  • Online Credit Application Plugin
  • Online Service Scheduler Plugin
  • Online Chat Plugin
  • Vehicle Syndication (to 3rd Parties such as Cars.com, CarGurus, AutoTrader)
  • Analytics Plugin
  • Credit Report Plugin
  • CRM
  • AI Assistant
  • SEO Agency
  • Paid Marketing Agency

This extensive list of tools and services not only increases complexity but also drives up costs and operational inefficiencies.

The Space Auto Solution

At Space Auto, we believe your website platform should come equipped with all the necessary conversion tools from the start. Our holistic approach drastically reduces the need for multiple, isolated systems, streamlining the entire process for both dealers and customers.

Why We Do So Many Things?

People often ask us why we offer such a comprehensive suite of services. The answer is simple: the car-buying process should be straightforward. There’s a person wanting to buy a car and a person wanting to sell a car, yet the current system is so convoluted that it takes hours to complete a purchase.

With Space Auto, we see these elements as one integrated product. By removing the noise and unifying all the necessary tools and services into a single platform, we simplify the process, making it faster and more efficient for everyone involved.



Introducing Our Integrated Solutions

To achieve this seamless experience, Space Auto offers four key integrated solutions:

  • Website Space: A comprehensive website platform designed to convert visitors into customers with ease.
  • Retail Space: Digital retailing tools that streamline the car-buying process, providing an efficient and user-friendly experience.
  • Dealer Space: A robust dealer management system that integrates all essential functions into one cohesive platform.
  • DAISI: Our advanced AI assistant that enhances sales and customer service by leveraging dealership-specific data.

Together, these solutions eliminate the need for a fragmented approach, providing a smooth, efficient, and enjoyable experience for both dealers and customers.

Welcome to a new era of automotive retail with Space Auto. Let’s make car buying and selling straightforward again.


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