2. Space Auto, an Introduction

David Vs. Goliath - Space Auto, a leading innovator in automotive retail tech, challenges industry giants by delivering personalized, unified solutions. We streamline car sales with fewer plugins, making the process seamless and efficient.

We maybe a relative newcomer, but Space Auto is one of the most innovative companies in automotive retail tech worldwide, today. That’s a bold claim, yes, but one we absolutely believe to be true. We exist in a category dominated by a few Goliaths. In this world, we are David. Being small isn’t something that holds us back. In fact, it’s the very thing that propels us forward.

David VS Gol-1

Innovation is truly in our DNA. Just look at our products to see what we have already achieved. The Goliaths are not incentivized to innovate or personalize their service to customers. We believe these competitors, who are vendors to thousands of dealerships, have reduced expectations to their customers of what is needed to succeed in the world of the digital dealership. Space Auto does the opposite. We heighten expectations among our customers of what’s possible, then we deliver.

In Essence... we exist to provide something that the industry desperately needs...

Whether you are 10 feet or 1000 miles from a customer, you shouldn't have to rely on countless plugins and apps just to sell a car. Space Auto is the unified retail solution you've been looking for.

Space Auto.

Easy Does It.

Top Tip: If you'd like to find out more about our services, or just want to browse more about what we do, please always check out our website: www.space.auto


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