What is Website Space?

Space Auto offers fast, responsive, and high-performing websites designed specifically to generate leads and drive sales for automotive dealerships.

Website Space, the Space Auto website platform, is designed specifically for automotive dealerships offering fast, high-performing websites optimized to generate leads and drive sales. Website Space solves the headache of incompatible third party plug-ins and lost data by including all of the conversion tools a dealership needs like trade-in valuations, credit applications, and even a logged-in portal experience for customers. Each websites is designed as an extension of the dealership brand, telling a unique story, and highlighting dealership profit centers. Website Space integrates with dozens of CRM, Inventory Management Systems and Lender portals and continues to add support for additional vendors upon request. The Launch Team manages the entire process so that the dealerships’ time is protected and valuable data and content is preserved.

✅ Mobile-first responsive websites individualized by brand experts

Space Auto's Website Space platform focuses on a 'mobile-first' design built for the way a human hand interacts with a smartphone. Websites are fully responsive and automatically adjust to fit the screen size and orientation of any device, enhancing user experience.

Each website is customized in collaboration with brand experts, who take into account the specific needs of each automotive dealership to craft a unique brand identity. This allows each website to not only look its best, but also works more efficiently to convert visitors into leads and eventually, sales.

✅ Industry-best vehicle search experience

Customers can filter search results pages (SRPs) by payment options, interior or exterior colors, specific vehicle features, and more. Vehicle detail pages (VDPs) are specifically designed to showcase the inventory and maximize conversion rates. Website Space can even automatically enrich listings with VIN-specific vehicle data and provide high-quality stock photos for vehicles with missing photos.

✅ Conversion tools and customer portal log-in

Website Space automatically includes conversion tools designed to streamline the car buying process. These tools include a vehicle trade-in form with instant valuations, an integrated credit application, and a vehicle lead form. Complementing these tools is a customer portal experience where customers can log in using their email address to value their trade-in vehicle, submit credit applications, upload paperwork, or set appointments. Best of all, everything is submitted directly to your team via the Space Auto app.

✅ Specials, campaigns, and on-site marketing tools

Website Space provides dealerships with the ability to highlight OEM rebates and custom dealer specials directly on their website. Dealerships even have the flexibility to craft their own on-site marketing campaigns, which can be showcased through a variety of formats including banners, slides, and marketing cards. These promotional tools can be strategically placed across key areas of the site, such as the home page, search results pages (SRPs), and vehicle detail pages (VDPs), to capture customer interest and drive engagement.

✅ Premium US-based support

Space Auto provides US-based support without 1 (800) numbers or call centers, aiming for a more direct and personalized support approach. A Launch Manager is assigned to each dealership during the onboarding phase for direct communication and project management and each dealership is introduced to a personal client advocate who is familiar with the dealership's goals. This advocate can be reached via phone, text, or email for any support needs. Additionally an automated ticketing service is available 24/7 to help address any issues that may arise outside of normal hours.

Dealer Space is always included!

Every subscriber enjoys access to Dealer Space, Space Auto’s cross-platform application, for an unlimited number of users.

  • Free CRM tool
  • Vehicle inventory management with book values
  • SMS texting, email, and send videos with customers
  • Website and marketing analytics
  • Sales reporting
  • Deal management
  • iOS, Android, Mac, PC & Web Application