What is Retail Space?

Retail Space is a unified platform for dealers and customers to negotiate and finalize deals with accurate payments based on real-time data integration.


Retail Space modernizes the car buying process by enabling dealers and customers to directly negotiate and finalize deals with accurate payment calculations, leveraging real-time data integration. Retail Space unlocks additional functionality inside the customer portal and the Dealer Space app to enable a two-way negotiation process where both parties can adjust and agree on terms such as price, payment options, and financing rates. Retail Space pulls in up-to-the-minute data from lenders and integrates with dealership inventory systems to provide accurate, personalized payment plans and financing options. This ensures that customers receive offers that are tailored to their financial situation and preferences, while dealers can efficiently manage their sales pipeline and maintain profitability. By simplifying the negotiation and deal finalization process with real-time data, Retail Space significantly enhances the efficiency of car sales, making it easier for dealerships to adapt to the evolving expectations of today’s car buyers.

✅ Digital Retailing With Real Payments

Retail Space revolutionizes digital retailing by offering accurate, real-time payment calculations. This includes comprehensive adjustments for taxes, rates, trade-in values, add-ons, service contracts, and fees. The system's real-time data synchronization ensures that all financial details are up to date, drawing from lender information and customer inputs. This level of accuracy extends to incorporating manufacturer rebates and incentives, ensuring customers see the most favorable and precise payment options.

✅ Enhanced Deal Management

Retail Space makes deal management in the Dealer Space app more flexible and comprehensive than ever before. Subscribers gain access to the Payment Offer Matrix, a dynamic tool that presents dealers and customers with a range of financing options, including different down payments and term lengths. This matrix is directly connected to real lenders, ensuring that all payment options are based on the most current rates and terms available. Retail Space simplifies the transition from sales to finance by generating comprehensive deal folders.

✅ Deal Folders

Retail Space streamlines the final stages of the car buying process by packaging every element of a transaction into a concise, exportable file. Each Deal Folder contains the details of the selected lender program, the chosen options from the offer matrix, all uploaded documents, and other relevant information. This comprehensive package provides a complete overview of the deal, ready to be handed off to the finance manager for final processing. Subscribing to Retail Space significantly reduces the time and effort required to move from sales agreement to deal closure, ensuring a smooth transition for finance managers to verify details, comply with lender requirements, and finalize the car purchase efficiently.

✅ Upgraded Retailing Experience For Customers

Customers benefit significantly from Retail Space's upgraded retailing experience. Customers are offered a payment 'mini matrix' in the customer portal, allowing them to select from four adjustable payment options, with terms controlled by the dealer. This transparency and flexibility culminate in a streamlined deal commitment process, where customers can digitally commit to their chosen offer, enhancing trust and satisfaction.

✅  Dealer Space is always included!

Every subscriber enjoys access to Dealer Space, Space Auto’s cross-platform application, for an unlimited number of users.

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