What is included in the DAISI subscription?

Space Auto's DAISI enhances dealership sales teams by integrating AI-powered efficiency into every interaction.

A subscription to DAISI (Dealership AI System Integration) equips sales teams with a private, data-driven AI assistant designed to simplify and improve the car selling process. Trained on a dealership's specific data, including inventory, customer details, finance options, and more, DAISI acts as a powerful tool to support sales efforts with speed and intelligence.

DAISI Features

  • AI Suggested Responses: DAISI analyzes dealership data to provide sales teams with smart, customizable response suggestions for customer inquiries, ensuring communication is efficient and aligned with dealership goals.
  • AI Translations: With the click of a button, DAISI eliminates language barriers by translating messages instantly between English, Spanish, Chinese, and more, broadening the dealership's customer engagement.
  • AI Cleanup: DAISI automatically enhances the quality of written communications by correcting typos, grammar, and formatting, maintaining professionalism in all dealership correspondence.
  • AI Adaptive Responses for Automations: Beyond standard response suggestions, DAISI personalizes automated text messages and emails using dealership-specific data, making each automated communication unique and targeted.

✅ Dealer Space is always included!

Every subscriber enjoys access to Dealer Space, Space Auto’s cross-platform application, for an unlimited number of users.

  • Free CRM tool
  • Vehicle inventory management with book values
  • SMS texting, email, and send videos with customers
  • Website and marketing analytics
  • Sales reporting
  • Deal management
  • iOS, Android, Mac, PC & Web Application