What is DAISI?

DAISI (“Dealership Artificial Intelligence System Integration”) makes things easier for sales teams by integrating AI-powered efficiency into every interaction.

DAISI, short for Dealership AI System Integration, is Space Auto's innovative solution designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of car sales teams. As a private AI system, DAISI is tailored specifically for the automotive sales industry, leveraging a dealership's own data—including inventory, customer profiles, finance options, ad campaigns, leads, and deals—to facilitate a smoother selling process. Unlike generic AI tools, DAISI acts as a dynamic assistant to salespeople, augmenting their capabilities without replacing the personal touch that is crucial in sales.

Key Features of DAISI

✅ AI Suggested Responses

DAISI analyses the dealership's customer activity feed and adheres to dealership-defined communication guidelines to provide smart, customized response suggestions to customer inquiries. This not only saves time but also ensures that communications are consistent with the dealership's brand and sales strategy. Sales teams have the option to review, modify, or refresh these suggestions for optimum personalization.

✅ AI Translations

DAISI's AI translation feature effortlessly converts incoming or outgoing messages between English, Spanish, Chinese, and more with the click of a single button, removing language barriers and widening the dealership's reach.

✅ AI Cleanup

Even the most experienced sales professionals can make typos or grammatical errors, especially when communicating quickly. DAISI's AI Cleanup feature corrects these mistakes with the click of a button ensuring that all communications are polished, professional, and aligned with the dealership's preferred business goals, tone, and objective.

✅ AI Adaptive Responses for Automations

DAISI goes beyond static automated messaging by using the dealership's specific data and communication preferences to craft unique, intelligent responses for each automated text message or email. This ensures that automated communications are as effective and personalized as direct messages from sales staff.

✅ Dealer Space is always included!

Every subscriber enjoys access to Dealer Space, Space Auto’s cross-platform application, for an unlimited number of users.

  • Free CRM tool
  • Vehicle inventory management with book values
  • SMS texting, email, and send videos with customers
  • Website and marketing analytics
  • Sales reporting
  • Deal management
  • iOS, Android, Mac, PC & Web Application