Website Space Features - Vehicle Search Experience

Website Space offers an easier to use, higher-conversion vehicle search experience.

Space Auto's Website Space platform revolutionizes the vehicle search experience for customers with its lightning-fast Search Results Pages (SRPs) and detailed Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs). This sophisticated search functionality is designed not only to enhance user experience but also to improve dealership visibility in search engine results, facilitating a seamless journey from search to sale.

Fast, Easy-To-Use Search Results Pages (SRPs)

Space Auto's SRPs are engineered for speed, aesthetics, and ease of use, ensuring that customers can quickly find what they're looking for without any hassle. Key features include:

  • Mobile-friendly and fully responsive: Search results pages are designed to make searching and filtering vehicles from mobile devices a breeze and are fully responsive to any screen size.
  • Search by payment, vehicle features, and more: Customers can refine their search using a variety of filters, such as payment options, interior and exterior colors, and specific vehicle features, making it easier to find vehicles that meet their precise needs.
  • Optimized for SEO: The SRPs are optimized to rank highly in search engine results, increasing the dealership's online visibility and attracting more potential buyers.

Detailed Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs)

The VDPs on Website Space are meticulously crafted to highlight the inventory and encourage conversions:

  • Conversion Optimization: Each VDP is designed to showcase vehicles attractively, with a prominent image slideshow and content that aim to maximize conversion rates.
  • Automatic Data Enrichment: Website Space can automatically enrich vehicle listings with VIN-specific data, ensuring that customers have access to detailed, accurate information.
  • High-Quality Stock Photos: For vehicles lacking photos, Website Space provides high-quality stock images, ensuring that every listing is visually appealing and informative.

Advanced Search Experience Features

Website Space's search experience is further enhanced with additional functionalities to cater to both dealership and customer needs:

  • On-Site Ad Campaigns: Dealerships can create and display various ad campaigns directly within SRPs and VDPs.
  • Payment Calculator: A powerful tool integrated into SRPs and VDPs, allowing customers to calculate their desired payment. This feature enables filtering of vehicle inventory based on payment preferences, aligning with customer budget requirements.
  • Advanced Price Breakdowns: Allow customers to see an advanced breakdown of vehicle price including available discounts, add-ons, and manufacturer rebates as applicable.