Website Space Features - Website Forms and Customer Portal

Integrated website forms and a connected customer portal enhance the customer experience and dealership efficiency.

This suite of features simplifies the process of capturing leads, facilitating appointments, and managing customer interactions. Website Space converts website visitors into dealership customers.

Integrated Website Forms

Space Auto provides a set of essential forms on dealership websites, aimed at enhancing customer interaction and lead conversion, without any additional charge:

  • Credit Application: Simplifies the financing process for customers with an easy-to-complete online form.
  • Trade-In Form with Instant Valuation: Offers customers immediate feedback on the value of their trade-in vehicle, encouraging them to proceed with a new vehicle purchase.
  • Vehicle Lead Form: Specifically designed to maximize conversions by capturing customer interest efficiently.
  • Easy Appointments Scheduler: Allows customers to conveniently schedule test drives or service appointments directly through the website.

Customer Portal

The Space Auto customer portal offers a seamless extension of the dealership's website, where customers can log in using just their email address, eliminating the need for passwords. This portal enhances the customer's ability to:

  • Browse and favorite vehicles, personalizing their shopping experience.
  • Submit vehicle lead forms, directly expressing interest in specific vehicles.
  • Receive instant valuations for their trade-in vehicles, moving them closer to a new purchase.
  • Upload necessary documents, streamlining the deal finalization process.

The Space Auto customer portal is synced directly with your Dealer Space account, enabling customers and dealership staff to collaborate and share updates.

Enhanced Tracking, Reporting, and Attribution

  • Space Auto forms are integrated with advanced tracking and reporting capabilities. Dealerships can access full-funnel reporting with attribution, understanding precisely where traffic originates and how to tailor their marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Customer data collected through these forms contribute to building detailed customer profiles available within the Dealer Space app.