Website Space Features - Specials, Campaigns & On-Site Marketing

Website Space equips dealerships with powerful tools to promote their own inventory.

Website Space equips dealerships with targeted marketing tools to showcase their inventory and services. This platform features customizable search results pages, vehicle and service specials, and varied on-site advertising options to enhance visibility and engagement. Designed for the automotive sales industry, these tools aim to streamline promotions and increase conversions directly on dealership websites.

Customizable SRPs & Vehicle Specials

  • Customizable Search Results Pages: Website Space allows for the creation of tailored SRPs based on a wide range of filters such as make, model, trim, color, price, vehicle features, and fuel type. This feature enables dealerships to guide potential customers directly to the vehicles that best match their search criteria.
  • Vehicle Specials: Dealerships can highlight specific inventory through Vehicle Specials, selecting vehicles based on criteria like price reductions, inventory age, mileage, or custom selections. These specials can be prominently displayed on the homepage or within dedicated SRP sections, enhancing visibility and engagement.

Service Specials

  • Promoting Service Department Offers: Dealerships have the ability to create Service Specials, showcasing discounts and offers on services such as oil changes, tire services, and more. Custom imagery, text, and specific discount details (either percentage-based or a fixed amount) can be included. Each special is featured on a dedicated page, making it easy for customers to discover and take advantage of these offers.

Custom Labels For Vehicles

  • Enhanced Vehicle Categorization: With the Dealer Space app, subscribers can create Custom Labels for their vehicles. These labels help categorize inventory on the website, allowing customers to filter and search based on specific attributes or dealership-defined categories, adding an extra layer of personalization and searchability to the vehicle browsing experience.

On-Site Ad Campaigns

  • Multiple Ad Placement Options: Website Space supports the creation of on-site ad campaigns with four distinct types of ad placements, enabling dealerships to tailor their advertising strategies to specific areas of their website. These placements include:
    • Banner Notification: A discreet, text-based banner featuring a call-to-action button, visible across all pages.
    • Global Carousel: A flexible, slideshow-style ad that can be placed on various pages like the VDP, finance, and service pages, with options for custom placement requests.
    • SRP Card: Positioned alongside vehicle listings within the SRP, offering targeted visibility to specific vehicles or offers.
    • SRP Carousel: A slideshow-style ad located at the top of the SRP, designed to capture the attention of users as they begin their vehicle search.

Each campaign can feature dealership-uploaded photos, custom text, and links to targeted URLs, enabling a highly customized approach to dealership marketing and promotion. This suite of marketing tools and features provided by Website Space is designed to enhance the dealership's ability to attract and engage potential customers, driving both vehicle sales and service department traffic.