3. Submitting a Support Ticket

Submit support tickets with Space Auto easily by calling your dealer advocate or using our online form. Prioritize urgent issues and get quick assistance from our US-based team.

Option 1: Always Call Your Dealer Advocate

Your dealer advocate is always ready to help. Call them directly for personalized assistance. They will identify your needs and escalate the issue accordingly.

Option 2: Submit a Support Ticket Online

  1. Go to Space Auto Support
  2. Fill out the form by selecting the appropriate options:
    • How can we help you?
      • I'm a customer experiencing a bug
      • I'm a customer requesting help
      • I need help with something else
    • Does your request pertain to a particular product?
      • Yes, it relates to a Space Auto website
      • Yes, it relates to the Dealer Space app
      • Yes, it's related to marketing services
      • No / Other

Complete the form with detailed information about your issue. Our dedicated US-based support team will respond as soon as possible.


Group 2 (1)-1

Prioritization of Requests

  1. Critical Issues: Interruptions in service affecting business operations (e.g., website down, inventory not working) are addressed immediately.
  2. Visual Issues: Problems that don't affect business operations but need fixing (e.g., visual errors) are resolved within 1-3 days.
  3. Feature Requests: New feature ideas are forwarded to our product team for consideration and innovation prioritization.

By following these steps, you can ensure your dealers support needs are addressed promptly and effectively.