1. Space Auto Service: The Difference in Customer Support

Experience superior customer service with Space Auto. US-based client advocates provide personalized support, ensuring quick, effective solutions and strong dealer relationships.

A Tale of Two Approaches

Once upon a time, it was discovered that the three biggest website providers in the automotive industry (we won’t name names) had a troubling approach to customer service. Their so-called "client success managers" were managing between 120 to 140 websites each, often outsourcing support to non-US-based representatives. This led to several significant issues:

  • Lack of Personal Connection: These managers had no time to get to know the dealers on a personal basis.
  • Market Misunderstanding: They couldn’t understand the unique market and needs of each dealer.
  • Meaningless Changes: Implementing meaningful changes was nearly impossible.
  • Cookie-Cutter Solutions: Customizing anything for the dealership beyond a standard template was out of the question.
  • Slow or No Responses: Response times were slow, and often, support tickets were never resolved.

Dealers were left to submit support tickets to a generic email address like support@dealerwhoever.com and simply hope for the best. Hope, however, was often all they had.


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The Space Auto Difference

At Space Auto, we knew this model was broken. So, we rewrote the script and transformed the entire approach to customer service.

Meet Our Client Advocates

Our client advocates are a breath of fresh air in the automotive industry. Here’s how we stand out:

  • US-Based with Automotive Experience: Our advocates are based in the US and bring genuine automotive experience to the table.
  • Personal Attention with a Maximum of 20 Accounts: Each advocate manages no more than 20 accounts, allowing them to provide personalized and attentive service.
  • Direct Action without Support Tickets: Our advocates have the ability to work with the products directly and make changes without the need to call support. This means faster, more efficient resolutions.
  • Direct Line of Communication: Dealers have a direct phone number and line of communication to their advocate, ensuring quick and easy access whenever needed.

Building Relationships, Not Just Websites

Just as we advise our clients to use technology to get back to being people, we follow the same principle. Our technology allows us to focus on building direct relationships with our dealerships. This personal connection helps us truly understand and help them achieve their goals.

The Bottom Line

At Space Auto, customer service isn’t just about solving problems—it’s about creating partnerships and fostering success. Our approach ensures that dealers receive the attention, understanding, and customization they deserve.

Welcome to a new era of customer service with Space Auto, where we prioritize relationships and results.


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Call Us: 214. 382.2270

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