2. Paid Marketing

Space Auto’s multi-touch paid marketing strategy drives top-of-mind recognition and low-funnel action, ensuring cohesive, effective campaigns for dealerships.

Welcome to your training on Space Auto’s Paid Marketing strategies. Our multi-touch approach is designed to drive top-of-mind recognition and low-funnel action, ensuring dealerships get the most effective campaign structure possible. Let’s explore how you can convey the power of our paid marketing solutions to potential clients.

Paid Marketing: Multi-Touch Marketing That Wins

Comprehensive Campaign Strategy

In the world of automotive digital marketing, the puzzle often gets split into disconnected pieces. One vendor handles search ads, another manages inventory-specific ads, and dealerships end up with a fragmented strategy. Space Auto takes a different approach with a true multi-touch strategy that targets customers throughout the entire funnel. We deliver the right messages to the right customers at the right times, ensuring cohesive and effective campaigns.

Driving Top-of-Mind Recognition and Low-Funnel Action

A Holistic Approach to Marketing

A successful digital marketing strategy requires more than just a few isolated ads. It needs to encompass the entire customer journey. Space Auto’s multi-touch strategy ensures that potential customers are engaged from the first point of contact to the final sale. By integrating various marketing elements, we create a seamless experience that keeps your dealership top-of-mind and drives low-funnel actions.

Your Digital Strategy Partner

Expertise That Drives Results

Dealerships shouldn’t have to be both car dealers and digital strategists. Space Auto steps in as a trusted partner who understands the entire marketing puzzle. We know how to build and maintain the momentum needed for long-term success. Our team knows when and where to ask for the business, sometimes even suggesting budget reductions while delivering better returns than ever before.

Capturing Attention and Building Momentum

Strategic Campaign Execution

Marketing is an attention game, and Space Auto excels at capturing the attention of real buyers. Our campaigns are designed to win by asking for the business at the right time and only at that time. We focus on creating content that sells cars and tells your dealership’s unique story. This approach builds long-term sales momentum while also showing immediate ROI improvements.


Proven Multi-Touch Strategy

Sustained Sales Success

Our multi-touch strategy is proven to be the most effective at driving sales. It’s not about quick fixes; it’s about creating sustained success through thoughtful, strategic marketing.

Key Elements of Our Paid Marketing Approach

Custom Digital Marketing Plan

  • Initial Onboarding Call: We start by understanding your dealership’s unique needs and goals.
  • Monthly Strategy Meetings: Regular check-ins ensure that our strategies are aligned with your objectives and are delivering results.
  • Dedicated Pro Marketer: A dedicated expert focuses on your account, providing personalized attention and insights.
  • Comprehensive Ad Setup: We handle Google Analytics, Tag Manager setup, Meta, Search, Display Ads, and more.
  • Dynamic Inventory & Google Vehicle Listings: Ensuring your inventory is always up-to-date and visible to potential buyers.

The Space Auto Advantage

Equip yourself with this knowledge to showcase to dealerships how Space Auto’s paid marketing strategies can revolutionize their digital presence and drive exceptional results. With a multi-touch strategy that wins, you’ll help them capture attention, build momentum, and drive sales like never before.

Highlighted Features:

  • Custom digital marketing plan
  • Initial onboarding / branding process
  • Monthly strategy meetings to ensure success
  • Pro Marketer dedicated to your account
  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager Setup
  • Meta / Search / Display Ads
  • Dynamic Inventory & Google Vehicle Listings Ads


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