1. Mastering the 3 Minute Pitch

Master a 3-minute pitch to car dealers with Space Auto's guide. Get sales tips to build value, address pain points, and secure demo appointments. Transform your pitch with expert insights.

As an external sales agent for Space Auto, your mission is to demonstrate the exceptional value of our integrated technology solutions to car dealers within a concise, 3-minute pitch. Your goal is to effectively communicate how our solutions can transform their operations, enhance customer experiences, and ultimately drive more sales. This guide will break down each key point of the pitch and provide you with actionable sales tips to ensure you leave a lasting impression and secure a demo appointment.

00. Introduction.

Start with a strong, personal introduction, since you already know the dealership... explain that you noticed a few areas of opportunity to either reduce cost, consolidate vendors, or increase performance.


01. Introducing the backstory.

Sales Tip: Build our authority.

Introduce the founder, Nick, who has over a decade of experience in retail, holding sales, finance, and management positions, working for a 40-store dealer group. His frustration with existing solutions led him to create Space Auto to streamline the car buying and selling process.


02. Fighting Frankenstein

Sales Tip: Emphasize the pain points.

  • Script Idea: "Did you know the average dealer uses 13 different software pieces to manage sales? This not only increases costs but also causes data loss and a disjointed customer experience. Imagine if your website could handle all these functions seamlessly."
  • Highlight: Address the inefficiencies and complications caused by using multiple disconnected software systems.


03. Confusion and Performance Issues

Sales Tip: Highlight the negative impact of current solutions.

  • Script: "Many dealers feel confused, misled, confined, bombarded, and paralyzed by the multiple technologies they use, leading to performance issues. We can change that."
  • Highlight: Stress the overwhelming nature of current fragmented solutions and how Space Auto alleviates these issues.


04. Dealers Deserve Better Websites

Sales Tip: Build value in an integrated approach.

  • Script: "Dealers deserve websites with built-in conversion tools like trade apps, credit apps, retargeting, ads, and AI, without the need for countless plugins. Our solution is fast, connected, and just works."
  • Highlight: Stress the ease of use and cost savings of having all necessary tools integrated into one platform.


05. Dealers Deserve Native Digital Retail

Sales Tip: Focus on seamless customer experience.

  • Script: "Our digital retail solution is a native part of your website, not a separate plugin. This means real-time credit checks, lender integrations, and accurate payment calculators all in one place."
  • Highlight: Emphasize the seamless, accurate, and comprehensive nature of the digital retail tools.



06. Dealers Deserve Instant Control

Sales Tip: Highlight operational efficiency.

  • Script: "Our backend gives you insights to automate communication, manage deals digitally, and control your website instantly. No more waiting for overnight updates – get instant gratification."
  • Highlight: The ability to make real-time updates, communication, and access to actionable insights enhances operational efficiency.


07. Dealers Deserve Instant Control

Sales Tip: Demonstrate advanced AI capabilities.

  • Script: "Our AI isn’t just a chatbot – it’s designed to enrich your inventory, understand customers financial profiles, and automatically work deals, helping you automate admin tasks so you can focus on building relationships again."
  • Highlight: The AI's capability to handle mundane tasks with high intelligence, allowing staff to focus on customer interactions.


08. Better Metrics, More Sales

Sales Tip: Stress performance improvements.

  • Script: "Our solution drives better traffic, higher conversion rates, and more sales. We provide metrics that matter – ones that directly impact your bottom line."
  • Highlight: Focus on tangible benefits like increased sales and meaningful performance metrics.


09. Less Vendors, Less Costs

Sales Tip: Address financial benefits.

  • Script: "Dealers deserve to save money by not paying multiple vendors to patch website and CRM gaps. Transparency from vendors is crucial, and we commit to saving you money."
  • Highlight: Emphasize the cost-effectiveness and transparency of Space Auto’s solutions.


10. Unified Automotive Technology

Sales Tip: Reinforce the unification message.

  • Script: "Space Auto unifies automotive technology, allowing you to serve your customers better and maintain human interactions."
  • Highlight: The comprehensive integration of all necessary dealership functions into one platform... it goes against the norm of these "legacy" systems...


10. Secure a Demo

Sales Tip: Close with a call to action.

  • Script: "You deserve to see Space Auto in action. When can we schedule a demo to show you how we can transform your dealership?"
  • Highlight: Be clear and direct about setting up a demo, emphasizing the benefits they will see firsthand.

Dealerships too, are up against the tech Goliaths, the Carvana, CarMax, the giants of the automotive business. They're not the ones taking care of the community... like our earlier story... the dealer is David, and these giant groups are Goliath. Remind the dealer that in that story, David wins... every damn time.



In conclusion, mastering a 3-minute pitch involves clearly communicating the value of Space Auto’s integrated solutions and addressing the pain points dealers face. Remember, your primary objectives are to introduce the founder’s vision, highlight the inefficiencies of using multiple software tools, and showcase the comprehensive, cost-effective solutions Space Auto offers.

General Sales Reminders

  • Be Confident: Believe in the product and convey that confidence.
  • Listen Actively: Pay attention to the dealer’s specific needs and concerns.
  • Be Concise: Keep your pitch focused and to the point.
  • Follow Up: Ensure you have a clear next step, ideally scheduling a demo.

By following these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to demonstrate the value of Space Auto and secure those crucial demo appointments.

Now watch this drive...

Put your own spin on it... but this can be easily done in a 3 minute (or so) conversation.