2. Identifying Prospects

Effective prospecting identifies the right target audience and is vital in the sales process. Learn how to find ideal fits for Space Auto by addressing plugins, sales results, conversion rates, vendor fatigue, support, and financial satisfaction.

The Importance of Prospecting

Prospecting is crucial for identifying the right target audience and is an invaluable part of the sales process. By thoroughly understanding potential clients' needs and pain points, you can tailor your approach to showcase how Space Auto's solutions can meet their specific requirements. Effective prospecting helps build strong relationships, leading to successful sales and satisfied customers.

Identifying Prospects

Too Many Plugins

Dealers typically use an average of 13 plugins, paying over $16,000 in software fees annually. Look for separate trade forms, credit applications, chatbots, digital retailing tools, and conversion tools on their website. These indicate a fragmented system that could benefit from Space Auto's integrated solutions.

Engaging with Dealers

Understanding Advertising Results

Discuss their current advertising strategy. Ask if they can identify which half of their advertising is working. Highlight the importance of having a clear strategy to increase traffic, conversions (leads), and sales.

Evaluating Conversion Rates

Assess if the dealer feels they have enough opportunities to do business. Are they satisfied with the number of leads they receive? Do they need help increasing the volume of inbound inquiries? Space Auto can help amplify their lead generation.

Addressing Vendor Fatigue

Inquire if the dealer feels overwhelmed by managing multiple vendors. Do they experience finger-pointing when issues arise? Emphasize the convenience of having a single point of contact with Space Auto, simplifying their vendor management and ensuring seamless integration.

Building Relationships

Personalizing Support

Ask the dealer if they know their current support representative and their phone number. Do they feel their support tickets are addressed promptly? Do they believe their rep truly understands their needs? Highlight Space Auto’s personalized support, where each client advocate manages a limited number of accounts and offers direct communication.

Financial Satisfaction

Increasing Results

Finally, gauge their satisfaction with their current financial results. Are they happy with their revenue and return on investment? Space Auto aims to help them spend less and sell more by providing integrated solutions that drive efficiency and results.


By addressing these points, you can effectively identify a dealer's pain points and demonstrate how Space Auto can provide comprehensive solutions. Move the conversation towards setting up a pitch, where you can showcase Space Auto’s integrated platform and how it can transform their dealership operations.

Happy Selling!