How can Space Auto help my dealership?

Space Auto is a unified digital retailing platform designed to support automotive dealerships in three critical areas: driving traffic, enhancing conversion rates, and closing more sales.

Driving Web Traffic

To increase the visibility of your dealership online and attract more potential customers to your website, Space Auto provides a range of solutions focused on generating traffic.

  • Improve your website's ranking in search engine results with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), making it easier for customers to find you.
  • Targeted Paid Marketing campaigns reach a broader audience, driving traffic to your website or specific listings.
  • Agency Creative services including photography, video production, and social media content, engage potential customers and draw them to your site.
  • Website Space, our high-performing website platform is optimized with SEO-friendly content and features that ensure your dealership stands out in search results.

Enhancing Conversion Rates

Once potential customers are on your website, the next step is converting them into leads. Space Auto offers solutions that make this transition as smooth as possible.

  • Not only does Website Space help in attracting traffic, but it's also designed to maximize the conversion rate through user-friendly design, engaging content, and easy navigation.
  • Retail Space integrates with Website Space to enable a full digital retailing experience that provides customers with personalized shopping experiences, including accurate payment calculators and financing options, encouraging them to take the next step.

Closing More Sales from Leads

Turning leads into sales is the final hurdle and Space Auto has tools specifically designed to assist dealerships in sealing the deal.

  • Our Dealer Space app is a comprehensive dealership management platform that includes CRM tools for managing customer relationships, inventory management features, and analytics to optimize sales strategies.
  • Retail Space complements Dealer Space by facilitating seamless negotiations and deal finalizations through its digital retailing and desking features, ensuring a smooth transition from lead to sale.