Dealer Space 101: How to use the Dealer Space App

The Dealer Space app organizes everything into 4 distinct sections, each accessible via dedicated tabs for ease of navigation and use. Below is an overview of these main sections and their functionalities.

Key Sections of the Dealer Space App


  •  Dashboard
    • Marketing Dashboard
    • Sales Dashboard
    • Appointments Dashboard
  • Leads
    • Customers
    • Deals
    • Tasks
  • Vehicle Inventory
  • Settings
    • Account
    • Admin
    • Automation
    • Templates


The Dashboard serves as the nerve center of the Dealer Space app, offering a snapshot of dealership activities across three subsections: Marketing activity, Sales activity, and Appointments.

  • Marketing Dashboard: The Marketing Dashboard allows users to view metrics and insights related to website traffic, lead sources, and user behaviors, enabling you to understand how potential customers find and interact with your dealership online.
  • Sales Dashboard: The Sales Dashboard is a powerful tool for holding your team accountable for interacting with your Leads. This section is designed to monitor and improve the performance of your sales team. It includes a leaderboard to encourage friendly competition and tools to analyze deal progress, response times, and communication effectiveness.
  • Appointments Dashboard: Essential for daily operations management, especially for sales managers, this dashboard provides a quick overview of scheduled dealership appointments, making it easier to prepare for incoming customers.


The Leads section is where customer relationship management takes center stage, allowing for detailed tracking and engagement with prospects.

  • Customers: Offers a comprehensive list of your dealership's customers, with advanced filtering options to segment and manage these contacts based on various criteria.
  • Deals: Focuses on the transactional aspect of your interactions, listing all active deals and providing tools to manage these sales opportunities efficiently.
  • Tasks: Helps your team stay on top of their responsibilities with a robust task management system, highlighting pending actions and automations generated in response to specific customer behaviors or milestones.

Vehicle Inventory

This section ensures that managing your vehicle listings is straightforward and efficient. From adding new vehicles to editing existing entries, the Vehicle Inventory tab includes features like a VIN scanner for easy data capture, detailed vehicle information fields, and seamless integration with your dealership's website for real-time inventory updates.



The Settings section offers customization and control over various aspects of the Dealer Space app, allowing you to tailor the platform to your dealership's specific needs.

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  • Account: Manage your personal profile settings, ensuring your contact information and preferences are up-to-date.
  • Admin: Access administrative settings to configure broader dealership preferences, including store hours, team roles, and permissions.
  • Automation: Set up and manage automations to streamline communication with customers, assigning tasks to salespeople based on predefined triggers or customer actions.
  • Templates: Create and manage message templates to standardize communication, ensuring consistency and efficiency when reaching out to customers or following up on leads.