Mastering DAISI (“Dealership AI System Integration”) exists to make sales easier for sales teams.

Welcome to your training on DAISI, Space Auto’s revolutionary AI system designed to supercharge your dealership's sales team. Let’s explore how DAISI helps get technology out of the way, allowing your team to focus on what they do best: building relationships and selling cars.

DAISI: Give Your Sales Team Superpowers

What is DAISI?

DAISI stands for Dealership Artificial Intelligence Systems Integration. But beyond the acronym, DAISI’s real purpose is to simplify and enhance the car sales process for sales teams.

Trained on Your Data

Personalized and Powerful

Unlike public AIs like ChatGPT, DAISI is a private AI built specifically for car dealers. She is trained on your dealership’s data—inventory, customers, finance options, ad campaigns, leads, deals, and more. DAISI doesn’t replace salespeople; she makes their lives easier by processing data at lightning speed and presenting the right messages at the right times.


AI That Does More Than Talk

Actionable Intelligence

DAISI is much more than just a tool for generating messages. Dealers can define the tone and goals of communications, and DAISI will adapt accordingly. She can translate messages into Spanish or Chinese with a single click. If dealers prefer to write their own responses, DAISI will clean up typos, grammar, and formatting. She can even personalize mass email or text campaigns for individual customers.



AI-Enhanced Sales Funnel

Seamless and Ergonomic

DAISI, like all Space Auto products, is cloud-based, ensuring that what you see on your desktop is also available on your mobile device. DAISI’s mobile interface is designed for ease of use, with buttons placed ergonomically for thumb reach. This design philosophy makes Space Auto products not just effective, but also a pleasure to use.

Focus on Relationships and Sales

Technology That Gets Out of the Way

The true power of DAISI lies in her ability to streamline and automate the data-heavy aspects of the sales process. This allows your sales team to focus on building relationships with customers and closing deals. With DAISI handling the technical details, your team can return to the human touch that makes car sales successful.

The Space Auto Advantage

DAISI integrates seamlessly with the Space Auto ecosystem, providing your sales team with the tools they need to succeed. By making technology work for you, DAISI frees your team to do what they do best: connect with customers and sell cars.

Use this knowledge to show dealerships how DAISI can transform their sales process, making it easier and more effective.

Highlighted Features:

  • AI Message Suggestions
  • AI Language Translations
  • AI Message Cleanup
  • AI CRM Automations / Followups
  • AI Customized Responses
  • AI Vehicle Descriptions
  • AI Website SEO Pages
  • AI Vehicle Inventory Search
  • AI Customer Financial Profile Generation


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