5. Agency Creative (Specialty)

Our world-class agency creative team isn't for everyone, but if you're a dealer group, OEM, or corporation ready to invest in your content. Our team can support you... just ask clients like BMW USA, Byrider, and Orr Automotive Group.

Welcome to your training on Space Auto’s Agency Creative Services, where creative content meets automotive expertise. Let’s explore how our tailored creative services can help dealerships tell their unique stories and drive more sales. Here’s how you can convey the value of our Agency Creative Services to potential clients.


Agency Creative: Creative Sells More

Investing in Content with Value

Space Auto’s Agency Creative Services are designed for dealerships ready to invest in high-quality content that tells their story effectively. Our team, composed of former marketing experts from a large multi-rooftop dealership, brings a wealth of experience in film and photography production. We understand every part of the marketing funnel and know how to create content that resonates through all the multi-touch points needed for effective dealership marketing.

An A-List Creative Team

Drive Attention and Leadership

To stand out in the market, your dealership needs to tell a compelling story. You don’t have to be the biggest dealership, but having a story to tell is crucial. Space Auto’s A-list creative team, which produces world-class work for brands like BMW and multi-rooftop dealerships like Byrider, is ready to start telling your story. If your dealership is ready to invest in top-tier creative services, our team is eager to get started.


Automotive Creative Expertise

Mastering the Art of Automotive Storytelling

In the automotive industry, creative content must excel in two key areas: storytelling and car photography.

  • Storytelling: Knowing how to craft a compelling narrative and delineate the different parts of the story is essential.
  • Car Photography: Shooting cars requires specific skills, including understanding lighting tricks, camera angles, lenses, and filters.

Space Auto’s creative team has the real-world production experience necessary to master these elements. If your dealership lacks this expertise, we’re excited to discuss your brand’s ambitions and how we can help bring them to life.


Tailored Creative Solutions

Custom Content for Your Dealership

Our Agency Creative Services are not one-size-fits-all. We develop a custom content strategy tailored to each dealership’s unique needs and goals. This includes:

  • Agency Video/Photo Shoots: High-quality video and photo production tailored to your dealership.
  • Social Media Content: Engaging content designed for social media platforms to boost your online presence.
  • Dealership Content Library: A comprehensive library of content for ongoing use.
  • Commercials and Long-Form Videography: Professional-grade commercials and long-form video content that tell your dealership’s story.
  • Custom Projects: Whatever your heart desires, our team can create it.

The Space Auto Advantage

By leveraging Space Auto’s Agency Creative Services, dealerships can tell their unique stories in a way that drives attention and sales. Our team’s expertise in automotive marketing, film, and photography ensures that your content is not only visually stunning but also strategically effective.

Equip yourself with this knowledge to show dealerships how Space Auto’s Agency Creative Services can elevate their brand and drive more sales.


Key Features:

  • Customer tailored content strategy
  • Agency video / photo shoots
  • Social media content
  • Dealership content library
  • Commercials
  • Long form Videography
  • Anything your heart desires

Please Note: All agency creative is subject to a statement of work and will be billed according to the complexity of the deliverables and size of the production.