What is Space Auto’s billing policy?

At Space Auto, we aim to keep our billing process straightforward and transparent, ensuring that you always know what to expect on your invoices.


Please note: this article is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to be comprehensive or legally binding. Specific terms, conditions, and processes are subject to change and may vary. The Master Services Agreement (MSA) between Space Auto and the client remains the definitive source of truth and legal agreement.

Initial Setup Fee and Monthly Billing Cycles

  • Upon signing up for Space Auto services, you'll encounter a one-time setup fee, marking the beginning of our partnership. The first service fee is billed immediately and covers the setup and onboarding of your upcoming products and services. An invoice is issued on your service start date (or 'go live' date) and then monthly invoicing recurs on the first day of each subsequent month. Should your services start mid-month, we'll only bill you for the days used in a prorated invoice.
  • Regular monthly payments are then due by the 15th of each month, ensuring continuity and ease in budgeting.

Handling Delays

  • Space Auto will ensure that we complete necessary workload in a timely fashion so that we do not cause any hold-ups in delivering your services.
  • Delays caused by unreponsiveness on the part of dealership clients or their third-party vendors cannot delay billing, which will commence within the agreed-upon number of days, even in the event that commencement of services is delayed.

Ad Spend

  • As per the terms of the agreement a commission may be charged in addition to the monthly paid marketing fee when the amount of the monthly Ad Spend exceeds a certain threshold.

Payment Methods and Late Fees

  • Late payments incur a penalty fee if they are 10 days overdue.
  • For payments 30 days overdue, an ACH transfer will be initiated automatically.
  • Services may be suspended after 60 days of nonpayment, at which point a debt collection process may begin.

Simplifying the Billing Experience

Our aim is to make the billing experience as painless as possible, providing clear, consistent invoices and a variety of payment options to suit your needs. Should questions or concerns arise please contact your assigned Launch Manager or Client Advocate.