What is the benefit of SEO and how do I know its working?

Space Auto provides specific, data-driven SEO plans ahead of time that are backed by trackable results and monthly reporting.

Space Auto's monthly service is designed to provide full transparency and measurable value. Each subscriber receives data-driven SEO plans before the work begins during regular monthly progress meetings. We'll show you exactly what we're doing and why. Dealerships can track their results through our detailed monthly reports and direct access to tools like Google Analytics. Space Auto provides clear-cut SEO solutions with tangible results, so our subscribers know it's worth it.

How does monthly SEO benefit my dealership?

✅ Maximize organic traffic and gain a competitive advantage over rival dealerships.

✅ Connect with targeted audiences actively seeking car-related offerings and solutions.

✅ Dominate local search results, capturing the attention of potential customers in your area.

✅ Drive lead generation by leveraging optimized landing pages and compelling calls-to-action.

✅ Enjoy long-lasting outcomes with sustained online visibility and consistent traffic flow.

✅ Trackable results and data-driven decision-making for continuous improvement.

✅ Dedicated Client Advocate keeping you informed on SEO strategy and major insights.

What are the specific methods that Space Auto uses?

  • On-Page SEO including customized title tags, descriptions, and keywords
  • Technical SEO optimizations including Schema Markup and performance updates
  • Local SEO including actively managing Google My Business, claiming all of the top online directories like Yelp, YellowPages, and DealerRater
  • Vehicle inventory maximized for search visibility
  • Compelling content including landing pages targeted to your region and profit centers
  • Ongoing website updates and fresh content month after month
  • Keyword research that is specific to your local automotive dealership industry
  • Realtime tracking with Google Analytics & Google Search Console
  • Competitor analysis of nearby dealerships using powerful third-party reporting

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