3. Agent Ongoing Duties

Space Auto agents ensure client satisfaction through monthly check-ins, updates on new features, feedback collection, and advocacy. They assist in demos and connect clients with support but are not responsible for direct support or product strategy.

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As a Space Auto agent, your role is crucial in maintaining client satisfaction and ensuring the effective use of our services.

Here are your ongoing duties:

Monthly Check-ins

  • Friendly Outreach: Check in with clients around once a month. These check-ins can be a simple "How's it going?" and an offer to help them achieve their goals.

Updates and Education

  • Inform Clients: Update clients about new services, products, and features of Space Auto. Ensure they are utilizing these tools to their full potential.

Feedback Collection

  • Gather Feedback: Ask for feedback on Space Auto's performance. Relay any suggestions or concerns to your primary contact at Space Auto to help us improve.

Advocacy and Support

  • Promote Space Auto: Advocate for Space Auto when it benefits the dealership. If clients have questions or need assistance, connect them with their official client advocate to ensure they receive the help they need.

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Clarifications on Agent Responsibilities

Agents Are NOT:

  • Support Staff: While you can assist in submitting tickets or contacting a client advocate, it is not your responsibility to act as support staff.
  • Product Strategists: You are not required to log into the application to strategize, unless voluntarily offering this service.
  • Independent Service Providers: If you offer additional services using Space Auto, ensure this is distinguished from your role as a Space Auto agent and have separate agreements with dealers if charging fees.

Reminder of Participation Requirements

  • Demo Participation: Set up the demo and join the initial demo call (closing the deal is not required).
  • Assistance During Closing: Help answer questions during the closing period to advocate for Space Auto.
  • Periodic Client Check-ins: Contact clients periodically once they are live and pass any feedback to Space Auto to improve the client experience.

By following these guidelines, you will help build strong relationships with clients and contribute to their success with Space Auto.

Happy selling!

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